The Fiscal Hawks of PA’s Legislature At Work

So, the only reason I have heard arguing against moving Pennsylvania’s presidential primary up is that it would cost too much money.  Interesting, because having the primary when we do is a complete waste of money, unless you value for purposes of ritual and tradition having a low turnout primary with no influence on the nomination of the major party candidates for President of the country.

Here are some other activities of Pennsylvania’s State Legislature, who only on the subject of primaries have gotten in touch with their inner tightwad.  Links courtesy of Pennsyltucky Politics, Keystone Politics, and PA Pundits:

Retreats at luxury resorts for the board of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.

The use of public funds to award no bid contracts for sinecure services from your cronies.

Increase the legislative “slush fund” by about $1.2 million per legislator.

Endeavor to keep funding power and influence in the hands of a few key members so recently elected upstarts can’t do anything about the cronyism of those with seniority.

And this is in the last couple months.  Anyone who can make a case for me on why we should not be moving up our primary is invited to do so, right on this blog.  I have yet to hear any reasoning that makes sense, and I am curious.  I very well may be missing something, but the actions of our representatives seems to suggest they do not want their constituents to help decide the identity of the new leader of the free world.

I’m no professional pundit, but that seems to run counter to exactly what a political representative is supposed to do.


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