Fast Eddie and Fox re. PA Primary

If you want to hear what our esteemed governor has to say about our presidential primary process, click here.  If that doesn’t work, click here and select the clip titled “Race for the White House” which has Eddie’s mug on it.

He seems to be supporting the initiative to move up Pennsylvania’s primary.  He also makes his case for a rotating regional national primary to replace our current patchwork system.  It seems like a pretty good idea to me, although the timing of the regional primaries, along with the specifics of which states are in which regions, will be very delicate process providing all sorts of opportunities for back room maneuverings and log rolling.

Finally, if you view the clip you will have the pleasure of listening to him boldly say he would prefer not to express a preference in the Democrat field unless he has to.  Truly a man of leadership.


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