Daily Archives: March 22, 2007

PA Primary Polls & The Ridge Machine

Thank the good Lord for polls, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to write about while I wait to hear how the Giuliani fundraiser went last night.  I wryly observe that commentators great and small all remark that polling this early means nothing, immediately before we begin metaphorically reading their entrails.

The latest poll covering the PA presidential primary is from the Strategic Vision group, and can be found here.  [HT Grassroots PA]  You will need to sift through the national data suggesting the electorate in the Commonwealth is pretty anti-GOP right now.  Schizophrenic as well, as dissatisfaction with the administration and the Iraq war seems to drive that dissatisfaction even though they don’t think the Dems have any answers either.

At the bottom, though, you will see Giuliani is outpolling his nearest primary competition by more than two to one.  Should this trend continue, and should the state GOP still remain vaguely opposed to moving up our primary, one would be inclined to think the Commonwealth’s GOP mahoffs are not terribly pro-Rudy.  I wonder why that would be the case?  The social issues, perhaps?

The most recent GOP endorsement from the PA national congressionaldelegation was for McCain, that being Todd Platts of the 19th district. [HT, again, Josh at The Morning Call]  And former Governor Ridge is a McCain man as well.  Would the remnants of the Ridge machine, then, be interested in sandbagging PA’s influence in the presidential election thereby promoting McCain nationally?