Daily Archives: March 23, 2007

Recent PA Giuliani Fundraiser

Word on the street is Mayor Giuliani’s recent fundraiser in the Philadelphia suburbs went very, very well, demolishing expectations.  There were over 200 folks in attendance, including national GOP committeeman Bob Asher.  While it is so nouveau riche to discuss samoleans, I hear the campaign garnered in excess of $350k.

Put in context, media darling Obama recently scored about $250k.  Tom Ridge recently expressed disappointment at a McCain PA McCain fundraiser, saying the following:

“With the environment the way it is today, people look at the calendar and say it’s March, there’s snow on the ground and the election is more than a year off…There’s enormous disappointment, and I don’t think that their hearts and minds are in it…”  Given the support of the Ridge apparatus, their initial goal was $500k.  That goal was premptively revised to $250k.  They didn’t get that.

Well, hearts and minds are in it for Mayor Giuliani, Mr. Ridge.  Perhaps it is time to listen to the people of Pennsylvania rather than your own aspirations for the Vice Presidency.  Look, I understand the attraction of that gig.  Unless you’re Dick Cheney it is one of the cushiest gigs in the federal government, and would feel like a Tahitian vacation after being director of the Department of Homeland Security.

But this support for the Mayor is unflagging.  GOP primary voters, who are self-described as very conservative, know exactly where he stands on potentially divisive issues.  This issue is dealt with in more detail with this post at bloggers for Rudy.

The PA fundraiser, the polling, and Giuliani’s performance on Hannity’s program yesterday has made this a very good week for his campaign.  We should not get overconfident, though.  Newspapers will print anti-Giuliani screeds disguised as news on a weekly basis, eventually.  Radio and TV in the MSM will follow this agenda.  His numbers will erode.  Will they bide their time until the general election to do it?  It is too early to say.