This Is A Criticism?

From the Inky, a luecturer at Yale makes the case against Rudy Giuliani here.  One of his criticisms?

“As mayor, Giuliani fielded his closest aides like a fast and sometimes brutal hockey team, micromanaging and bludgeoning city agencies and even bodies that weren’t under his control, such as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Board of Education.”

This was a bad thing?  In New York City?


One response to “This Is A Criticism?

  1. Sleeper is aptly named. Given the state of higher education in America today … with core curriculla and grades having largely disappeared … its a wonder that Sleeper is only a lecturer as opposed to a full tenured professor but if his piece in the Inky is any indication, I’m sure he is on the tenure track at Yale. Its interesting to note, however, that he lectures on political science. Having read his piece I am confident that he knows as much about political science as Stalin knew abot theocracy. It was particularly amusing the way he closed his piece … we shouldn’t have to elect him [Guliani] President to learn why the grateful British people removed Churchill from office at their first opportunity. What do you suppose he was trying to tell us with that sentence? Whatever it was, do you suppose it is relevant that they gratefully reelected him later? I get the feeling that Sleepy would have been an ardent supporter of John Lindsay. Regards,

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