Your Host on Blogtalk Radio W/Eric Dondero

If anyone is interested I will be advocating for Mayor Giuliani on the “Libertarian Politics Live” blogtalk radio program hosted by Eric Dondero.  It is tonight at 10:30pm EST.  Link here.

Jim Dyke, one of the campaign media directors, was supposed to do it.  But he got called away at the last minute, and will be in an airplane when the show airs.  As I am a former libertarian, it was deemed an acceptable risk to have me pinch hit.

See, I told you politics was like baseball.

Wish me luck.  On the one hand, I like to talk, have lots of opinions roughly commensurate with those of the Giuliani campaign, and know lots of smarty-pants words so tend to work well extemporaneously.  On the down side, I tend to get stage fright.  So we’ll see how it goes!

UPDATE:  I think it went well.  Gentlemen all.  Thanks Eric and Andre!  And I got to share some time with a real politician, Jack Brandenburg, state house republican and general GOP mover and shaker in the great state of Michigan.  He was a part of Romney’s leadership team in Michigan, and recently jumped that ship for Giuliani.  He mentioned on the show he was supporting Romney as a favor to the speaker of the Michigan House, and had always said he would back Giuliani if he decided to run.


2 responses to “Your Host on Blogtalk Radio W/Eric Dondero

  1. Of course, we loved having you on. And we want you back. You’re a great radio guest, lively and too the point.

    We had Jim on last Thursday. He was good too. He said, “it should be pretty easy” to get Rudy on himself on our show.

    We’re looking forward to that.

  2. karlub - PA RudyBlogger

    Let’s hope that officially means I was not a liar when I said the campaign cares a great deal about the libertarian wing of the GOP!

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