More State GOP Support: Charlie Roberts

The other news from the piece linked here, at least it was news to me, is that Charlie Roberts has officially endorsed Rudy Giuliani.  He is a committeeman and activist from Bethlehem Township, and this certainly bodes well for the campaign.  It seems Giuliani has been racking up support in PA from party leadership elements that one, perhaps, would have expected to go to more insider candidates.  Especially McCain.

McCain may feel like this is still “spring training” , as he was saying a month ago and reiterated on a blogger conference call yesterday, but this cycle has started.  And the Phillies know all about how a crappy April can sink you for the rest of the season.  [see, politics and baseball again]

I don’t know much about committeeman Roberts, except for the fact he is a Specter guy.  So the day after Steve Forbes joins the Giuliani campaign he lines up a local supporter of Arlen Specter.  Giuliani’s tent is big, and if I were the other GOP candidates I would be pretty sure at this point that his early polling is not a name recognition hiccup.  It is, rather, a confirmation that Giuliani isthe clear frontrunner in the race, able to garner support from diverse constituencies within the GOP with his leadership and his message.


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