Primary Source On School Board Headaches If Our Primary Moves Up

Here is a story from Lehigh about why school boards do not want our state primary moved up.  [HT Grassroots PA]  Robert Freeman, D-Northampton, seems to think we can manage it.  On the other hand, “I don’t think that it is realistic for school districts to be ready for a Feb. 5 primary,” said state Rep. Craig Dally, R-Northampton.  The story does not elaborate on why, and I am having trouble thinking my way through why the state GOP tends to be against this, but the Democrat party reps seem to be OK with it.

One answer is to simply have two primaries, one in February for the presidential primary and maybe a couple other items, and another in April for all the other state stuff.  Cost is considered an objection.

Well, also thanks to Grassroots PA, I can also share with you that 3,042 people in state government currently make over $100k annually.  Furthermore, the state can do really wise things like sending our bureaucrats to resorts for retreats, no doubt reasoning such pleasant surroundings will inspire them to find ways to spend our money more wisely.

So let me say this:  I am a fiscal conservative.  I also happen to think small things like managing our elections in a fashion consistent with maximizing the sound representation of our populace happens to be a pretty core function of government.  So if they can find the dough to send education establishment shade-trees to conferences in a Lear jet, keeping a standing committee around to advise the governor on Latino affairs, and pay over 3000 people six figure salaries, I think they would be able to find a few mil to ensure people like me and you are, you know, represented.


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