Upstate GOP Insider Confirms This is Giuliani and McCain Country

Josh Drobnyk has a short interview on his blog with Bob Ames, GOP committeeman for the northeast central region.  That’s the Lehigh Valley to you and me.  In it, he declares a personal preference for McCain and Giuliani, and claims that if PA does indeed have a GOP straw poll in June– as is being proposed– those two candidates would receive the bulk of the support.

This is interesting because  my gut tells me actual conservative voters can’t stand McCain.  Their animosity may be unfair.  It may be disproportionate to his offenses, as Bill Bennett suggested on his radio program this morning.  But it is so.  So as I suspected a straw poll is merely a way to enhance the party’s influence at the expense of actual voters, who currently will simply have an opportunity to irrelevantly express their meaningless feelings on the matter of the leader of the free world in a political farce of a primary in April.

I am, though, gratified to see Mitt Romney continues to garner actual support in inverse proportion to his fundraising.  I’m sure he would make a fine President, but he has always disconcerted me.  It is not the fact he doesn’t toe the conservative party line, or that he vacillates on his positions, or that he’s a Mormon, which I think we can charitably say makes him unusual.  It’s not even the fact that he’s a venture capitalist, a class of people about which I have heard generally unkind reviews.

He’s always seemed insincere to me.  He could tell me he loves his mother, and I would suspect he decided to declare maternal affection for utilitarian reasons.  I do not think he is unprincipled or immoral.  I just get the feeling every waking breath he takes is somehow, perhaps unconsciously, calibrated towards furthering his ambition.  I know that is part of the skill set necessary to take residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  But I don’t need to be reminded of it.


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