Congressman Charlie Dent’s Op-Ed For Rudy

Josh Drobnyk’s paper– which is how I may refer to The Allentown Morning Call from here on in– printed an op-ed from GOP Congressman Dent late last week making the case for Rudy Giuliani.  You can read it here.

Interestingly, it mentions 9/11 as almost an afterthought, which I find to be a good idea.  I have been primarily motivated by Hizzoner’s pre 9/11 record, but one suspects most of his casual supporters are not similar.

Perhaps Mr. Dent can make even more of a name for himself by vigorously advocating for advancing Pennsylvania’s quaint April primary so our voters can actually exercise their right for political representation.


One response to “Congressman Charlie Dent’s Op-Ed For Rudy

  1. Josh Drobnyk

    Ha — I wish I had the cash for that to be the case. I’m flattered though.

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