Romney’s Heavy PA Hitter

Interesting interview from Josh with Charles Kopp, the new tip of Mitt Romney’s financial spear here in Pennsylvania.  I hereby submit this slogan for Josh’s work:  Keeping primary sources available for this blog’s exploitation 24/7.  Writing here near-daily would be impossible without him.

Interesting things about background on Kopp not from the interview:

Likes to write four-figure checks for Arlen Specter.

Former big cheese at law firm WolfBlock [formerly Wolf, Block, Schorr, and Solis-Cohen], arguably the most politically keyed in law firm here in Pennsylvania.  It is probably important to note the most influential Philadelphia law firm nationally is probably Blank, Rome.  I think a bunch of those guys are for Edwards.

Kopp is bi-partisan with his financial donations, having also sent money to former Congressman Bill Gray, Clinton’s advisor on Haitan affairs.  Happened to sit on the corporate boards of Dell, JP Morgan Chase, and Rockwell International at the time.  Gray retired from the House to run the United Negro College Fund.

We learn Kopp organized Romney’s first major fund-raiser at the Union League.  Charlie seems to think this helped people see Romney in an intimate environment.  While I acknowledge the League’s membership doesn’t quite run Philadelphia the way it used to, I think that venue really just comfortingly murmurs “insider” to those inclined to find that message comforting.

[Aside:  I happen to find Union League events delightful in an old-school sort of way, even though most people tend to find it stuffy, even oppressive.  Of course, some people find me stuffy, exhibiting mannerisms and habits of a bygone age.  I am conservative after all!  Those of you unfamiliar with the club may know it from the movie “Trading Places”.  It is the home club of the patrician Duke brothers from which Dan Ackroyd’s character was ejected after being framed for stealing.]


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