Rudy Fundraiser With The Philadelphia Orchestra In The Offing?

First off, in answer to this post’s title, the answer is “no”.  Many classical musicians themselves are often liberal.  But if they weren’t the presence of the Giuliani campaign’s PA financial co-chairs would make such a fundraiser a lucrative possibility.  Since Hizzoner is a rennaisance man who enjoys opera as much as he enjoys the Yankees, it would even make sense!

Here’s a brief introduction to these gentlemen, both of whom will be great assets to the campaign, especially in the politically critical southeastern suburbs.  Conventional wisdom is Giuliani’s state level organization is lacking, and he will thus ultimately get whacked by the McCain folks, who have been organized for years, and the Romney folks who seem to have big pockets and pre-existing social networks.

This coventional wisdom may never completely die– see the patronizing tropes about social conservatives being allegedly ignorant of the mayor’s record– but the presence of these gentlemen will help people see Giuliani’s campaign is developing an organization as robust as the Mayor’s early polling.

Manuel Stamatakis:

This man did God’s work at Drexel University, helping strengthen a great school that actually gives the world things like engineers and doctors rather than useless Philosophy majors like me.  I got to know him at a distance when I worked for The Philadelphia Orchestra.  He sits on that board, along with a gazillion others, and also headed up the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation, a public/private entity that promotes Philadelphia.

At the GPTMC I saw up close the initiatives he was able to engineer, very charmingly negotiating the politically Byzantine byways of Philadelphia’s cultural elite.  That community hides a number of sinecured patronage shade-trees among some of the most brilliant and accomplished people alive, and the fact he was able to work for the interests of the latter while avoiding agitation of the former speaks well of him.

Mitchell Morgan:

Many may be familiar with him because of his gigantic Main Line estate which has inspired envy amongst his neighbors who have apparently never seen “The Philadelphia Story” and think big houses in the Philadelphia suburbs are a new thing.  What most of them probably do not know is the man payed for his education selling shoes, and is remarkably generous with his real estate fortune, giving boatloads of money to cultural, healthcare, and educational charities.  His wife, I think, also sits on The Philadelphia Orchestra’s board.

Political folks are probably most familiar with him as he helped shake loose a bunch of donations for Rick Santorum, and now he is with Team Rudy.  For those in the Commonwealth suspecting Giuliani isn’t conservative enough, I refer them to Morgan.


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