Non-Partisan Break: Time Warner Opposes Market Forces

I would like to take a moment to pimp a non-partisan issue dear to my heart as one who works with trade publications, and also enjoys reading political journals.

Time Warner is massaging the Postal Board of Governors with their lobbying muscle, hoping to make periodical postal codes about as complicated as our tax code.  One of the results of their proposed revisions will be to lower rates for publishers like Conde Nast which mails issues of Vanity Fair selling designer clothing, and it will be a lot more expensive for trade magazines and political journals to mail out their issues.

The increase could be between $100k – $200k dollars for modestly sized publishers, which will be enough to put some of them out of business.  If this were just the cost of doing business, so be it.  Print is dying.  But these same regulatory revisions will make it cheaper for Time Warner to mail out their bricks of vapidity stuffed with display adverts from vendors already eager to pay them millions of dollars in advertising fees.  To wit, they don’t need their rates lowered.  They should at least play on the same field, especially when using a service subsidized by our tax dollars.

As a free-marketeer nothing burns me more than large companies using their economies of scale not to deliver better products, but to skew the market in their favor.  If you want to learn more about this please click the button below.  If you agree with my take on the issue, please sign their petition.

Stop the Post Office


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