Pennsylvania Leadership Conference

I will be attending a conservative confab called the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference this Saturday.  Can’t make it Friday, unfortunately, so I will miss Laura Ingraham.  I will only be a guerrilla advocate for the Mayor while there as the campaign will not have a formalized presence.  They were not able to make the scheduling work, although I know there were a number of folks that really wanted the mayor to make an appearance.

The only presidential candidate who will be appearing is one who has not announced:  Newt.  If Pennsylvania had a relevant primary I’m sure GOP candidates would all be there.  Alas, our Governor and General Assembly seem unperturbed by the fact I have little say in who my party elects to run the Free World.  I think we can charitably say they have embraced the delegative notion of democracy over the representative.  They think it would be best for all of us if they choose the respective nominees.  We voters may make rash decisions that interfere with their fiscal liquidity.

I’m looking forward to hearing Newt speak.  When he’s not trying to suck up to a debate opponent he is rather compelling.  I could have been a Newt supporter, except for the fact that he is totally unelectable in a general election.  That’s the price a politician has to pay for infuriating half the world and most of the media by successfully breaking the Democrat’s death grip on the Federal legislative branch.

My other goal while there will be looking for business opportunities.  I don’t mean this in the sleazy, backscratching way which is all too common in both parties.  Instead, what I have discovered is I like being involved in politics, and would like to find a way to subsidize my new habit.  In real life I am a PR, marketing, and sales consultant.  As such, I create case studies, white papers, press releases and marketing materials.  I also do competitive intelligence projects, market research, phone room management, cold calling, PR solicitations, and secure speaking engagements for my clients.

It occurred to me this skill set is pretty much exactly what is required for a political operative, and the Lord knows our politics could use more honest and results-oriented conservatives like myself.  Our politics, I think, could also use an elevation in tone.  So while at the conference I will be seeing if there are any local candidates who would like to hire my consultancy on a reasonable project basis.  I suspect a little professionalism could go a long way towards doing things like unseating State Senator Dinniman, who cannot be bothered to tell one of his constituents where he stands on moving up the PA primary.

Or maybe Pat Toomey will need some help running for the Governor’s office?  Or I could lend a hand to whoever will try and keep Arlen Specter honest in the GOP primary?

I will have a report upon my return late Saturday night.  Or Sunday.  We’ll see.


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