Gingrich Endorses Giuliani at PALC

Well, he didn’t explicitly endorse Giuliani.  But Hizzoner was the only presidential candidate mentioned by Gingrich in a positive way.  And the thrust of his remarks at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference seemed, to me, like a list of reasons to elect Rudolph Giuliani president.

Newt made two broad sets of points.  First, he claimed American politicians need to concentrate on three areas if they expect to be successful:

1)  Concentrating on “red, white, and blue” issues rather than “red state vs. blue state” issues; the types of issues 80% of Americans can agree on.  “Find an issue everyone agrees with, stand next to it, and smile.”  Obvious examples included making English our government’s official language, and allowing “under God” to stay in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Opposition to partial birth abortion, it seems to me, would be another.

2)  Transformation of government.  Our government needs to be as efficient as our private sector.  The ’06 cycle, he claimed, was about competence, not ideology.

3)  Vigorously defending ourselves against the Islamo-nutters.

On these issues, Giuliani is clearly your man.  For example, I have said over and over again that Giuliani is exactly with the bulk of Americans on social issues:  Personally conservative, but extending charity to those that disagree.  When it comes to executive competence, Giuliani’s record as mayor is unmatched by any other presidential aspirant.  Finally, on defence, Giuliani clearly states that the jihadis have declared war on us, not the other way ’round, and we need to act accordingly.  What bigger bird could we flip at Al Qaeda and their psychotically ignorant sympathizers than electing as president the mayor of the City most prominently attacked by them?

Gingrich also spoke about some tactics the GOP needs to employ to fashion a near-permanent governing majority.  These included an embrace of “green conservatism”, and reachout to Latino and African American voters.  Hizzoner has a great record on the environment, as detailed here by Deroy Murdock.  He also takes energy independence seriously.  As for reaching out to Latino and African American voters, the decline in crime during Giuliani’s tenure as mayor saved lives and property regardless of race or creed.  As more blacks get murdered than whites– per capita– one could probably make the case the Mayor did more for people of color than for white folks in that respect.  Let’s also remember Hizzoner was able to be elected– twice– as mayor in perhaps the most multicultural city on the planet while simultaneously engaged in constant combat with the race baiters and mau-mauers the hometown pundits had annointed as representatives of the “minority” community.

So all you people who would like to vote for Newt in a presidential election should seriously consider becoming Giuliani supporters.  Hizzoner fits iron-fist-in-velvet-glove with Newt’s own agenda.  And I don’t think anyone would argue Newt is more electable in a general election.  Keep in mind this is coming from a cat who places Newt only behind Reagan in the late 20th pantheon of conservative politicans.  But if you think Giuliani’s life history is a problem, wait and see what Peoria thinks about serving divorce papers to your wife while she’s on her death bed.  Peoria may want to try to avoid thinking about it.  But the MSM– the one that thinks Clarence Thomas is beyond the pale but Bill Clinton is a lovable scamp– is not going to let them.


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