Installment 3: Look at Philly, Then Look at Rudy

People of Southeastern PA, take note:  Philadelphia’s murder rate continues to skyrocket.  [HT Keystone Politics] I’ve said it before, but let me say it again:  Being the man in the White House where the buck stops is all about executive competence in difficult situations.  Most of the problems we conservatives have with the current occupant of the White House have to do with competence.  Newt said this at the PALC, and I agree.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani fixed New York City.  NYC had many of the same problems Philadelphia does now.  It also happens to be the crucible wherein antipathy for conservatives and Republicans is formed.  As I said elsewhere, because of the treatment we get from the MSM half the voting public is disposed to think of us right-wingers asgay-hating racists who want to put surveillance cameras in bedrooms and use poor people as fuel to power Halliburton’s corporate HQ.

So the environment Giuliani faced in NYC was even more hostile than Philadelphia’s would be to a real reformer.  But through the enaction of real reform effected by superb leadership Giuliani cleaned up the Big Apple.  Given this record I would think anyone who lives in the Philadelphia media market and knows its tangled problems– democrat, republican, and independent– should be entirely disposed to support his candidacy.  After all, look what a mediocre mayoral tenure did for Fast Eddie.


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