Braman Joins Team Rudy

Former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Norman Bramen, has joined Team Giuliani.  So let me take a moment to remind Eagle’s fans that Norman Braman is a pretty awesome dude.

Believe me, I know as an owner of a football team he could have been better.  But as a man he is top notch.  He has spectacularly succeeded at something like four different careers, from owning a retail drug store chain in Pennsylvania to being a legend in luxury car sales in Florida.  He also sits on numerous boards, including no less than three prominent Jewish non-profits, including the National Holocaust Memorial Council.  Finally, his Foundation gives away a ton of money.

Seems to me a politician interested in scaring up both money and votes could do a lot worse than Braman.  Furthermore, in this particular case, Giuliani and Braman go way back.  Norman was nominated to head up the INS by Reagan back in the early 80’s.  Giuliani, at the time, was the lawyer in the Justice Department primarily responsible for interacting with the INS.

Braman was never confirmed, as his desire to jump headlong into cleaning up the department cheesed off way too many career bureaucrats.  It seems he was to the INS what John Bolton recently was to the UN.  It appears, though, Rudy and Braman were pretty simpatico when it came to a desire to reform government, and their relationship continues.


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