McCain AND Ridge Dislike Representative Government

I know Tom Ridge is popular in Pennsylvania.  I’ve never quite understood why.  It always seemed to me like he was constructed at the same politician robot factory that fabricated Romney.

Well, Ridge likes McCain.  They’re buddies from way back.  So he is supporting him as well as he can, organizing a fundraising shin-dig for the author of anti-political speech McCain / Feingold.  [HT Josh at The Morning Call]  Joe Scarnati of the 25th district and Sam Smith of the 66th will be cohosting.  Since as many people in Pennsylvania like McCain as Sam Huckabee, one wonders what their constituents in north central and western Pennsylvania think about that.

Josh wonders how influential Ridge’s support can be, since he’s busy getting his private sector career off the ground, and isn’t really in politics any more.  For now.  Until he gets some sort of cabinet appointment.

Well, the most important thing Ridge can do for McCain is help keep our coelacanth of a presidential primary lurking in April.  Their political agendas, of course, outweigh romantic notions of representative republicanism.  No reason to let Pennsylvania’s natural support for Giuliani’s candidacy help him.  We crazy voters aren’t able to weigh important things like US Congressional collegiality.


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