Pressing the Flesh For Team Giuliani

Will be meeting with my representative in the General Assembly this afternoon, Carol Rubley.  Now that I am more involved in local and state politics, I figure it’s high time I figure out if my representative has views consistent with mine.  People talk sometimes about the “5 and 10” rule:  State level politicians can be swayed on issues with five visits or ten personalized letters from their constituents, so I’m doing my part.

I plan on discussing Act 1, moving up our presidential primary, the Highmark/IBC  merger, and Pennsylvania’s proposed Right to Know law.  Anyone reading this only cares about the second issue, so I’ll tell you how it went upon my return.

I also hope to soon be talking with Norman Braman about his new relationship with the Giuliani campaign.  I’ll give y’all the skinny on that soon as well.  And yes, I will ask at least one question about why he let so many free agents go from the best defense in the history of the NFL, the 1991 “Gang Green” squad.

Finally, I’ve been a little pre-occupied with pesky life stuff lately, so if I’ve missed something about which I should be commenting here please e-mail me and let me know at karlub at yahoo dot com.


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