Update on Rubley / Primary Post

An e-mailer who knows way more about election law than I do tells me the holiday objection and weather objections to moving up the primary may be red herrings as well.  A February 5 primary would make the petition period November 6-27.  This means no Christmas or Chanukah conflict.  This also means the period would include election day.  What more could candidates want than being able to get petition signatures at polling places on election day, and then on Black Friday at shopping malls?

The election people may object as they have to do some extra work around Christmas.  But at least now they have President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Passover to themselves for the first time in ages.  And again, am I supposed to let the convenience of election boards hold my right to representation hostage?

What’s really going on here?  Could my conspiracy theories be right?  That both major parties don’t want to move it forward because the voters and the insiders disagree on who should be the presidential nominees?  I have asked Rep. Rubley for comment.  I am also in contact with Representative Baker.  Democrats Babbette Josephs and Andy Dinniman are both ignoring me, and they have no idea I am a Republican.  Make of that what you will.

I have revised the form letter below to account for this.


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