Moving the Primary; Grassroots Report

In the interest of encouraging our sclerotic commonwealth government to entertain the revolutionary idea of allowing us a meaningful vote for president, I have been contacting various legislators on the issue.  Here is a report:

Representative Carole Rubley – R:  She is my representative in the General Assembly.  Initially against moving up our primary, as we both thought a Feb. 5 primary date would make candidates try and secure signatures to get on the primary ballot during the holidays.  Turns out moving our primary to Feb. 5 would make that period run from election day to Black Friday instead.  When informed of this, she said she could be persuaded to support such an initiative.

Senator Andy Dinniman – D:  My state senator.  Have called three times, and sent three e-mails.  Cannot be bothered to express his opinion, or his staff is incompetent.  Not sure which.  Given the fact I am actually one of his constituents, and given the responsiveness of Representative Rubley, I find this somewhat shocking.  I hear local conservatives may have their eye on making his ejection a priority in 2008.  He has done a good job here of making sure I join them.  It’s one thing to disagree with me.  It is quite another to outright ignore a constituent.  You heard it hear first:  He will be looking for a different job in a couple of years.  I actually think I know who might take it…

Representative Matt Baker – R:  The GOP chair on the State Government Committee.  To my initial inquiry, said he would respond via snail-mail.  This got my hackles up a little, as it felt like a brush-off.  I said the issue wasn’t that complicated, so why couldn’t he tell me his stand via e-mail?

He countered it was indeed complicated, as the school boards and party apparatus are against it.  I explained how we could bifurcate the primary for the school boards, and this would not be all that expensive.  For example, this year only a single school board invoked Act 1’s tax referendum.  I also explained the move would not mean getting signatures during Christmas and Chanukah.  He has yet to respond further.

Representative Babbette Josephs – D:  The democrat (hence majority) chair on the State Government Committee.  Her office remains silent.  I only contacted her twice, though, so her unresponsiveness is not as egregious as Dinniman’s, especially since I am not her constituent.

Please let me know how any of you are doing with your inquiries.  I want to cast a meaningful vote for president, and mean to do my best to make it happen.  I hope some of you can join me.  This is, after all, only about the most important function of representative democracy.  One would think a little thing like that would be something people can get behind.


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