Moving the Primary; Grassroots Update II

Representative Matt Baker – R:  He is, again, the GOP chair of the State Government Committee.  His office has been kind enough to send me a detailed history of the endeavor to move up PA’s quirkily irrelevant presidential primary, along with a summary of the various pending bills addressing the issue.  I have reproduced that letter here.

We at PA for Hizzoner have learned there is a bill heading to committee soon– House Bill 289– which would move up our Commonwealth’s primary in presidential years to February 5.  Representative Baker did not indicate whether or not he supports it, or one of the other bills moving the primary to dates in March, or if he supports no move at all.  So all in all he has upgraded his conduct from mildly combative and disagreeable, to helpful and opaque.

Sen. Andy Dinniman – D:  My state senator finally got back to me and said he does support moving our presidential primary forward, but says the GOP caucus in the Senate is uninterested in moving the process forward, so he doesn’t think it is going to happen.  He did not share any reason why I had to contact his office no less than six times to get an answer.

I have also decided to start a scorecard for all the people I have contacted, and if you want to deliver me information on how other legislators feel about the matter, send it in to karlub at yahoo dot com.  If the list gets long enough I will keep it updated and posted here.

 Again, this is an issue with bipartisan appeal.  It is also the right thing to do.  Finally, it helps Giuliani.  He shows well here, and Pennsylvania has a lot of delegates.  Of course, the vicissitudes of politics may very well hoist him on his own petard if PA becomes Fred Thompson country or something.  So the partisan reasons for my support should not turn off anyone who is simply interested in running an actual functioning representative democracy accountable to the people.


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