Last Word on Abortion

There has been some hullabaloo recently on Giuliani’s recent abortion remarks.  I have said elsewhere I will no longer comment on the subject.  Everything that needs to be said has now been said.  Mayor Giuliani seems most clearly the GOP presidential candidate who can plausibly move our country in a direction where less abortions will be performed, as he advocates a Federal solution leaving the matter to the states.  This is the only politically viable strategy, and he is the only candidate advocating it.

Since he has a track record of being personally sympathetic to the case that women should have the choice available to them, his administration would actually be best positioned to defend states who would legislatively choose to restrict abortion availability.  Pro-abortion activists will have a hard time portraying him as an ideologue.

That is the long and short of it.  I have no more to say on the subject, and will not be baited into commenting further.  Wait, one last remark from this moderate pr0-lifer:  First trimester abortions do not equal slavery.


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