Pat Toomey & Club for Growth on Giuliani

The Club for Growth has recently released another white paper discussing Giuliani’s role as a fiscal conservative who led New York City out of a financial death spiral.  A man from Pennsylvania who will not be mistaken for a notorious liberal– social or fiscal– recently wrote a piece summarizing that paper for National Review Online.  You can find Pat Toomey’s remarks for NRO here, and the original Club for Growth white paper here.

This is not a hagiography.  The Club obviously is critical of Giuliani’s support for publicly financed baseball stadiums, and also his instinct there’s something wrong with the way we run our elections.  On the latter I happen to agree.  McCain / Feingold certainly isn’t the answer, but I am not aware of anyone who can long make a straight-faced case that it is ideal to have a two-year long presidential election fueled by more than a billion dollars mostly from the well-heeled.

The Club makes seems to make the case, though, that Giuliani is clearly the presidential candidate with the strongest economic bona fides.  They also point out something that is a bit of a hobby-horse of mine:  The media and political environment in which he effected his conservative agenda was the most hostile one possible in the country.  Therefore:

“…[O]ne cannot help but conclude that if Giuliani could accomplish the pro-growth record he did in the hostile environment of New York City, the potential for him to accomplish even more amid the more politically balanced federal government is great.”

This is obviously great for the campaign nationally.  It is also great for the campaign here in Pennsylvania.  Pat Toomey’s failed coup against Arlen Specter was the cause célèbre arguably responsible for the coalescence of grassroots conservatism in PA.  The Toomey movement has morphed into a dominating constituency in Pennsylvania conservative politics as represented by the PALC crowd.  This piece is obviously an indication that an official Toomey endorsement is possible, and such an endorsement would be huge for Giuliani here in the Commonwealth when it comes to securing the GOP nomination.


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