Act 1 Tanks On PA Primary Day

In a development that is good for Pennsylvania’s taxpayers and voters, the early signs indicate Act 1 Tax reform tanked yesterday in Pennsylvania’s primaries.  Lost by about 3 to 1 ratio in my Borough, and Democrats outnumber Republicans here by a margin about the same size.  The idea was to get us to give the Commonwealth permission to raise our earned income tax in exchange for unspecified real estate tax relief at an indetermined future date.  As detailed here the chances of real estate tax relief ever actually occurring were slim. 

Thus if we had approved the increase in the earned income tax we would have had to spend 100 years trying to get rid of the increase– like with the Spanish American War Phone Tax— while never actually seeing any relief on the back end.

Also, Act 1 was getting in the way of us moving our presidential primary up from April, the political equivalent of “island time”.  Thankfully, this objection will hopefully now disappear and Pennsylvania’s voters can now enjoy this fascinating right known in some circles as a “franchise”.

I saw my state representative Carole Rubley at a polling place yesterday, and she confirmed she was now down with House Bill 289, which moves our presidential primary to Feb. 5.  She did mention that she saw little action on the matter out of either party’s leadership, though.  So it is time for us to get on the case.


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