Ridge/McCain Say “Shut Up & Do What I Say”

Mitt Romney will be coming through Philadelphia next week, attempting to ride his recent momentum and rake in some Main Line money.  Alas, he will find a nice poll in Iowa means nothing here in Pennsylvania.  Also, Tom Ridge was recently pimping for Amnesty McCain in Harrisburg.  [HT Josh]

In fact, the well-liked former Governor implied he was okay with the fact his own home state is an electoral phosphene in the presidential primary, shrugging off his preferred candidate’s weakness in his own backyard saying “For the time being, the polls in Pennsylvania are what they are. We’re focused on the polls in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire, and Rudy would like to have our kind of numbers there.”

Well, does that sound to you like someone who has the best interests of our Commonwealth at the top of his agenda?  Me neither.  Even running for Veep makes politicians compromise their values, despite the fact the job has been described as not even worth “a pitcher of warm piss“.

I make note here of why the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina will not matter much for Team Giuliani this cycle.  Long story short:  Immediately after those primaries California and New York will have their primaries.  If Giuliani can’t win those states he has no business running for president.  And he almost certainly will win those states.  Michigan, Texas, and Florida will also hold primaries about the same time, and Giuliani should win two of those.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Pennsylvania was in that mix?  Tom Ridge may not think so, but I do.  Roger Simon [I think] was on Michael Smerconish’s show this morning suggesting we may be wise to keep our primary where it is.  We could be king-makers, he says.  Perhaps GOP voters will have “buyer’s remorse” after Feb. 5, he posits.  He makes two fundamental errors here.

First, he seems to think voters in later primaries will somehow channel the national mood.  That is plain wrong.  Voters in any given state channel their own mood.  Also, the idea that Pennsylvania will be lost in the shuffle of a Feb. 5 primary is laughable.  We have something like the 5th most delegates, and New Jersey and Delaware are already having early primaries, which means media buys in Philadelphia will do triple duty.  The same will apply in Pittsburgh vis a vis West Virginia, and Ohio’s primary is in early March, so there will be some handy bleed-over there.  The candidates are already paying our Commonwealth a smidgen of attention, despite our irrelevance.  I imagine we are easy to fit into an itinerary.  So if we want to be kingmakers, we need to move our primary date to Feb. 5.


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