Rep. Josephs & House Bill 289

I just spoke to a Matt Hurlburt (sp?) at Representative Babette Josephs” office.  She is the democrat chair of the State Government committee before which is House Bill 289.  This is the bill that would move Pennsylvania’s presidential primary up to February, thereby giving Pennsylvanians the opportunity to cast a meaningful presidential primary vote for the first time since Captain and Tennille were popular.

Matt shared there will be a public hearing on the bill in two weeks, and said Rep. Joseph’s “has an open mind” on the matter.

Politically speaking, she would do well to support it.  She initially cast votes in the legislature implicitly making her a supporter of the Foxwoods and Sugar House casinos in Philadelphia.  This was a hugely unpopular vote, and means she will be facing a stiff primary challenge down the road.

Now she is attempting to portray herself as a supporter of legislation making it more difficult for new casinos to set up next to churches and schools.  Nothing bums out kiddies, church goers, and 12 step groups like having to step over slot junkies.  This will probably be too little, too late.

She is also refusing to let a bill move forward demanding PA businesses divest themselves from Iran and Sudan.  This is because she would like to instead pass a bill on which she is a sponsor demanding PA business divest from Sudan only.  Such a piece of legislation with her name on it would burnish her reputation, apparently.

Well, if Rep. Joseph’s is looking for a winner of a bill, she should simply get on Bill 289’s bandwagon.  Voters love it.  Those who don’t actively love it simply don’t care.  There’s no downside.  Of course, she can oppose it if she wants to make it easy for her future primary challenger to portray her as an ally of vested interests.

So if I have any readers in the River Ward in Philadelphia, let her know!


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