Mayor Giuliani in Montoursville, PA

Hizzoner gave the commencement address at Montoursville High yesterday [HT Pensyltucky Politics], giving a classy if unspectacular speech.  The cute girl behind him seemed to enjoy it, though.


One thing that distinguishes Mayor Giuliani from the rest of the presidential candidates in both parties is his thorough record of executive accomplishment.  So at events like this he doesn’t really have to gauchely mention he is running for president.  He can, though, entirely appropriately mention examples of his past leadership which are relevant, thereby reminding people what a plausible presidential candidate he is.

Montoursville High School lost over a dozen students when TWA Flight 800 crashed in Long Island Sound.  He had an opportunity yesterday to thank the citizens of this small town in central PA for their steadfast support.  Many people remember this tragedy as it was one of the more spectacularly awful airline accidents in recent memory.  For some conspiracy theorists it is also an example of a massive government conspiracy, no doubt engineered by George W. Bush, then governor of Texas.

What is beyond a shadow of a doubt is then Mayor Giuliani’s leadership in the aftermath of this awful event.  TWA at the time spent an undue amount of time hemming and hawing about the final passenger manifest, brutally lengthening the period of time the passenger’s loved ones had to twist in the wind.

Giuliani took the CEO of TWA to the woodshed over this.  Thereafter airlines have been far more thorough and forthcoming in the aftermath of such terrible accidents.


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