Did The PA Primary Move While I Was Gone?

Well, no.

But they did have hearings last Friday on the three bills before the PA General Assembly which would generously extend a national electoral franchise to the Commonwealth’s voters.

Conventional opinion, and there’s a good example of that wisdom here, is that it is still unlikely to happen.  What conventional opinion seems to overlook, though, is that this issue has more lives than a B-movie zombie.  The leadership of both parties have a repeatedly tried, and failed, to make this go away.  And now Ed Rendell is for it again.  By my count, by the way, this means Ed has been for it, then against it, then for it again, to only change his mind back to being against it, but woke up sometime last week to find himself being for it once more.

The Democrat and GOP chairs of the relevant House Committee– Babette Josephs and Matt Baker– did not express an opinion prior to the hearing.  Now that there has been a hearing.  So I inquired to their offices this morning to see if they’ve decided to actually take a position yet.

UPDATE:  Matt at Rep. Josephs office tells me she supports House Bill 289, and that is a good thing as she is the majority chair on the committee.  He also tells me the state GOP is way against it, and I have not yet heard back from Matt Baker’s office.  The bill will go up for a committee vote on Wednesday.


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