If Only Rudy Were Helping Me Fish…

Sorry about the unannounced absence.  I’m sure many of you were trembling at the prospect of losing this valuable resource for learning about the Giuliani campaign as it relates to Pennsylvania.

Well, I was just in Florida for a week.  I could have blogged while there, but I didn’t really feel tapped into the PA zeitgeist, and I was too busy immediately before the trip to warn you.  Sorry.

I was here, by the way, in Sanibel Island.  I read three books– a mystery, some dystopian sci-fi, and some Christian apologetics, and I napped, swam, and cooked.  I also fished with limited success.  If Rudy Giuliani were from a more rural area I am sure he would be an excellent fisherman and he could have provided better support and leadership.  Alas, he did not, and fish did not tremble at the sound of my voice.


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