Still No 289 Vote

I hear the State Government Committee has not yet gotten to discussing the thorny issue of whether or not to let Pennsylvanians help decide the US presidency.  They did manage to send to the Assembly a bill to divest state funds from Sudan, though, rather than Sudan and Iran.  That was a victory for Babette Josephs.  She must think her river ward constituents are pro-Mullah.

They also sent along bills making it harder to terminate the domocile rental lease of crazy people, and easier for Commonwealth legal authorities to deport illegals.  As my analysis of this legislation could charitably be called cursory, I recommend you consult a legislator or lawyer– aren’t they often the same thing anyway?- before taking any umbrage, or throwing any fits.

A staffer in Harrisburg has promised to send me the results of the committee vote if they get to it today.  Of course, everyone seems to agree that if we were to move up our presidential primary we would have to get the gears in motion now.  So I suppose it’s possible opponents of the bill may be considering delay tactics rather than publicly opposing Democracy.


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