PA House Needs to Think Harder About Democracy

Sorry for the delay on results on HB 289’s performance last week.  Turns out the State Government Committee did not get to it promptly, and when they did they declined to forward it to the General Assembly, although they did not vote against it.

It seems delay will be the technique used by political insiders to prevent Pennsylvania’s voters from having a say in who becomes the next president of the United States.  I am still trying to get more specifics on which committee members were the major roadblocks, but the general narrative seems to be it was held up by the GOP.

Thank God GOP insiders Bob Asher and Bob Gleason are sort of in Giuliani’s corner.  Or maybe not.  Who can tell?  I do know two of the key opposition groups to moving our primary forward and thus letting Pennsylvanians actually participate in democratic politics were the organizations representing county commissioners and the elections apparatus.  One would have thought Giuliani’s new allies in the PA GOP leadership would have had some sway with those groups.

Keeping with the animal metaphors, though, it appears having the support of PA GOP insiders like Asher and Gleason is sort of like have the support of a bad tempered pit bull.  They’re your buddies so long as you keep them fed.  Don’t feed the gluttons enough, though, and at worst they’ll turn on you to show you who’s boss.  At best they’ll do nothing because they simply don’t care about anyone else.  After all, they love to feast on the weakened carcass of former friends.  It’s possible those insiders did everything they could to move this process forward and just failed.  You could fill multiple Wikipedia entries on what I don’t know about back room Pennsylvania political manuverings.  But I doubt it.

Believe me, I know it is important to cultivate allies throughout the big tent of conservative politics if you’re running for the GOP presidential nomination.  I also know, though, Giuliani highly values loyalty.  It’s not too late for them to be figuring out who can and cannot be trusted, but it will be too late soon.  At least now Team Giuliani knows from whom they can cultivate loyalty– the PA conservative grassroots– and from whom loyalty will be more difficult to inculcate– the PA GOP establishment.

Ultimately this may work in Hizzoner’s favor in the general election should he be fortunate enough to secure the nomination without Pennsylvania’s help.  Sure, he’ll get our delegates.  But long after the nomination is decided.  Now, though, Team Giuliani will perhaps be less likely to secure allies within the ossified GOP power structure loathed by the activists, and friendlier with the anti-establishmentarians.  This coupled with his moderately conservative stance on the issues could make him unbeatable in a PA general election.


2 responses to “PA House Needs to Think Harder About Democracy

  1. Chairman Rob Gleason is not for Rudy.
    He is for McCain and has been very open about it

  2. karlub - PA RudyBlogger

    I suspected as much, but I was under the impression Gleason was playing both sides a little on this. If that’s not the case, I stand corrected and express zero surprise that he would be against actually letting PA voters pick a president.

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