PA House Bill 289: Not Dead Yet!

OK.  I am becoming more intimate with the thrilling nuts and bolts of legislation, but Roberts Rules of Order confused me during fraternity meetings so I am not the authority on how this sort of thing works.

That caveat aside, it appears the effort to include Pennsylvania’s voters in the democratic process for electing our country’s president is not dead yet.  In fact, the relevant bill should actually come up for a vote in the General Assembly this week.  The chronology goes something like this:

Last Week:  The State Government Committee declares it does not like House Bill 289.  Representative Readshaw and company, though, amend it to address the committee’s concerns.  The amended bill passes along party lines, more or less, and it is referred to the House.  The House then sends it back to the Rules Committee, which is widely interpreted as a death sentence.

Yesterday:  The Rules Committee actually addresses the House’s concerns, and sends the bill back to the House.  It seems they pretty much have to vote on it this week.  Word on the street is Rules would not have referred back unless they were dead serious on actually getting this thing to a general vote.  That is great news.

I will tell you when the vote is as soon as I know.  This all pretty much seems to be breaking down along party lines, so in this case if you are for the founding ideals of the country, you are actually pulling against the PA GOP.

House Bill 289 as amended, by the way, will move our presidential primary to Feb. 12 for the upcoming cycle.  While this is after Super-Duper Mondo Primary Tuesday by a week, it still makes us somewhat relevant.  The solution is not ideal, but it will give the Commonwealth the chance to clearly and meaningfully express its preference for Giuliani as PA’s preference for the GOP nomination.

[Special kudos to a lovely lady in Rep. Matt Baker’s office who is keeping me abreast of all this, and will be sending transcripts of testimony and debate as soon as she can.  As her boss is voting against this measure, and she knows I support it, she deserves our acclimation.]


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