Swing State Rudy Dominates GOP; Holds In General

It’s the beginning of the month, so that means a steaming batch of Quinnipiac pollage!

One of the most interesting and helpful polls Quinnipiac has been doing is of the swing states of PA, OH, and FL.  These states will be critical in the general election, although only FL will be critical in the primary.  Most recent iteration here.

Giuliani still dominates in all of these states in the GOP primary.  This is unsurprising, but still good news as Fred Thompson is probably approaching his polling ceiling.  It is also notable that Mitt Romney is not a factor in ANY of these states in a potential GOP primary.  Mitt can rent polls by burning money like nobody else in IA and NH.  The day will come when Team Rudy actually spends money, though.  That thought has to keep paid Romney flacks up at night.

Most illuminating, though, are the numbers for potential general election matchups.  Ordinarily, PA and OH would be considered lost causes for a GOP presidential candidate.  FL, think some, would be as well since the recent anti-amnesty uprising has “proven” to some the GOP hates Latinos.

But the facts are this:  In polling Hillary remains the Dem to beat.  Shocking, I know, but true.  In this poll Giuliani still beats her in Florida.  So some Spanish speakers seem to be A-OK with Giuliani.  His lead in PA and OH has shrunk to a tie against Clinton, but the movement is so slight that it is within the margin of error.  Seeing how Hillary has spectacularly high negatives, and Giuliani consistently has the best negative/positive spread of any candidate in either party, I would take those numbers any day if I were in the Giuliani campaign.

Finally, you’ll note I haven’t said anything about McCain.  That’s because he– like Mitt Romney– is a complete non-factor in these states.  That sound you hear would be bitter tears from sycophantic media pundits as their tears splash into a puddle outside the “Straight Talk Express.”

Is it craven for me to encourage those on the fence to support Giuliani because he has the best chance against Hillary in a general election, as evidenced by this poll and many others like it?  It would be if I were an ideological flack.  But what these polls really tell us is what I’ve been saying for a long time now:  Hizzoner’s numbers are high with huge swaths of the population because his stance on the issues most resembles that of the average American– especially Reagan Democrats.  He also has an executive record unmatched by any other candidate for president.  I would think any Republican would be proud to support such a candidate.


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