Daily Archives: July 6, 2007

Rudy & Hill in PA

Some folks may have noticed recently that Hillary is racking up endorsements here in the Keystone State, er, Commonwealth.  [valuable reminder of this via Josh at the Morning Call]

The Dem candidates all recently came to PA to pay homage to the teamsters of the classrooms, the NEA.  This is the union far more interested in protecting their sinecures and running children through the PC grinder than actually teaching things like reading comprehension and math.  And make no mistake:  This apparatus is powerful.  In fact, in NYC Mayor Giuliani ran roughshod over organized crime, municipal unions, and left-wing media star chambers.  But against the education establishment he reached an impasse.

While here kissing the NEA’s ring, Ms. Clinton enjoyed endorsements from both upstate and downstate. Proving she can suck up to people outside her base– which she did to become Senator– she enjoyed the endorsement of Lehigh County Executive Don Cunnnigham.  He was the first Democrat elected to that office EVER, so one assumes he’s a bit blue-doggy.  He also, from my preliminary research, has a Phd in pork acquisition.

She also accepted the endorsement of Philadelphia Mayor John Street.  That would be Philadelphia Mayor & African American John Street to those of you from out of state.  This seems to confirm polling that suggests Hillary is actually stronger with urban blacks than Obama.  Contrary to the common wisdom held by some, Obama’s strength is actually with white liberals and moderates.  How else do you explain the reams of moolah he’s able to raise despite have zero accomplishments and saying nothing of consequence?

What does this mean to Rudy?  Well, it’s an illustration of his electability.  It seems a touch Machiavellian, but one of Giuliani’s many strengths is his electability in the general election.  So even in a state like Pennsylvania, where Clinton is far more popular than she is generally, how does Giuliani stack up?  Well, as of today, he ties her.  As I’ve said before, against a candidate like Hillary who has stunningly lofty negatives I would take a tie at this stage of the game any day.

If this is the story in PA, it is also the story in NJ, NY, and CA.  Can anyone explain to me how any democrat can win the presidency if they have to spend real money in these states?