Daily Archives: July 12, 2007

Primary Moves Up + PA Pollage

I should have gotten this news out to y’all earlier, but circumstances prevented me.  You see, I live a life of Reilly freelance existance which has recently kicked into high gear.  By that I mean I have much more business than I had before, to which I can only ascribe a beneficial business environment created by the anticipation of a Giuliani administration.  But that does mean less blogging…

The Pennsylvania House managed to find the time to pass House Bill 289, proposing we move our presidential primary up to Feb. 12.  This is great news, especially given all the recent agita over the state budget which caused the government to shut down for a day, although employees of the lottery and various casinos were kept working.  So we know our legislators know what *really* matters.

 You can find a roll call vote on 289 here.  I am disappointed to note my state representative voted against it after telling me a couple months ago she was favorably disposed towards the measure.  My fellow constituents in her district are encouraged to join me in asking her “What the heck, Carol?”

The next step is the Senate.  I will be e-mailing my state senator’s office today– that would be Dem. Andy Dinniman– and I hope all of you will do the same.  E-mail your Senators, I mean, not Andy.  I think Andy is on board on this one anyway.

This is obviously great news for voters.  We would actually have a say in the election of the next president of the United States, the campaigns will have to spend more time and money here, which is good for the economy.  The candidates will have to cultivate better relationships with local legislators, too, which will bring more star power to local races, which should increase political participation.

This is also good news for the Giuliani campaign, as evidenced by this recent poll which indicates Hizzoner is the prefered GOP candidate of 42% of PA GOPers.  The next closest candidate is Thompson at 16%.  In our Commonwealth, McCain still beats Romney as well at 10% to 6%.

In the places where election 2008 will be decided– PA, CA, FL, MI, OH– Giuliani is the obvious preference of GOP voters and runs competitively in general election matchups.  He also happens to have the most compelling story of executive conservative governance post-Reagan.  He also happens to have positions on most issues consistent with the positions of the average voter.

Of course, others are welcome to consider the Romney-bot, Amnesty McCain, or an actor who found the velvet coffin of the Senate too tiring.