Non-Giuliani Personal Attack: Sen. Fontana

With the bill to move our primary forward to the Senate, it is probably unwise for me to make enemies amongst Dem. state Senators since *they* are actually the ones already most likely to support this movement.

That said, I was watching a video of GOP Sen. Mike Folmer being a voice of fiscal restraint in the General Assembly, and next to him was a man so obviously arrogant and smarmy that I can’t help but draw attention to him.  The video clip is here [HT Grassroots PA], and the man of which I speak is sitting to Folmer’s left.

That man is Senator Wayne D. Fontana.  He smirked through the entirety of Folmer’s remarks, covering his mouth with his fleshy finger-stubs as if to suppress derisive cackles.  Or, perhaps, to broadcast to his colleagues a certain aggressive indolence.  In just one minute he gave me the impression of being the Platonic Ideal of a corrupt Union pol more accustomed to bullying than legislating.  The type of representative who secures his sinecure from the public fisc through graymailing business interests and padding our statutes with the types of odious regulations that require exhibitors in PA’s covention centers to walk around with pimp rolls of cash with which to bribe teamsters lest they be unable to screw in a lightbulb without incurring fines.

All this was, of course, me making judgements prior to having any information at all.  So I dialed up his bio.  Well, a union leader turned real estate broker.  Go figure.

It is entirely possible Mr. Fontana is really a Reagan Democrat.  A fine man famailiar with real labor who has succeeded in public service because he works hard, knows his constituents, and has the solid values that have made our country great.  He sure didn’t seem that way to me, though, and I just had to share that video.  It it rare for politicians to make such a poor impression in so little time without even opening their mouths.

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