PA GOP Ex-Congresscritter Fitzpatrick & Rudy

Former member of the US House Mike Fitzpatrick has apparently hitched his star to Giuliani.  See this post from Josh at PA Ave.  If Giuliani wins an earlier PA primary, or still appears the favorite for the nomination in the fall, then Fitzgerald will take another crack at Patrick Murphy, who took his seat in the ’06 bloodbath.  And likely get buried by an avalanch of left-wing netroots money, by the way.

I don’t know much about Murphy, aside from the fact that he’s really good at raising money, and he’s the only Iraq war vet on the Hill.  He always struck me as a potential a John Kerry for the 21st century, though.  I think Kerry felt that way too, as he went out of his way to endorse Murphy.  You know the pattern:  Get home from an unpopular war.  Use your veteran status and opposition to the war to build your profile.  Run for public office with the support of people your former comrades would find loathesome.

Of course, Murphy has a much longer and somewhat more distinguished military record than Kerry did.  And he hasn’t as yet claimed to throw away his military decorations.  So there’s obviously a difference. Also, by mentioning this I in no way mean to imply Fitzpatrick is the savviest political operator and manager.  His campaign was pretty haphazard and not entirely without sleaze.  Of course, all three campaigns I’ve been up close and personal with have been haphazard with sporadic sleaze, so maybe that’s just a characteristic of the genus.

But Fitzpatrick seems to think a Giuliani ticket could serve as a bulwark against all of Murphy’s cash, such is Hizzoner’s popularity in PA.  While I have no opinion on Fitzpatrick’s qualifications for the job, I do find it instructive he so highly estimates Giuliani’s popularity.

Interestingly, Fitzpatrick has pretty impeccable pro-life bonafides.  When asked how he sqaures this with Giuliani, he simply points out Hizzoner is right on the judges, which he seems to understand is all that functionally matters.  With the recent Giuliani endorsement from a co-founder of the Federalist Society– Steve Calabresi– this point has been recently emphasized.

One response to “PA GOP Ex-Congresscritter Fitzpatrick & Rudy

  1. The name is Fitzpatrick not Fitzgerald. Get your facts
    straight. Murphy served 6 months as a lawyer in Iraq..working in detention camps paying off
    families of Iraqis who were shot up by Americans or families of torture victims.

    Kerry served on a swift boat the most dangerous mission in Vietnam and he saw and participated in the fight.

    Lawyering isn’t the same as fighting.

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