More Giuliani, Fitzpatrick, and Murphy

An anonymous commenter below pointed out in the previous post I once typed in “Fitzgerald” when I meant Fitzpatrick.  Sorry about that, and thanks to him or her for pointing it out.  I trust my sharp readers will be able to sort things out in context.  But hey,  I was right 83% of the time, and I’ll put that record against that of any blogger!

If we’re being scrupulous about facts as opposed to typos, though, I would like to note most entries indicate Murphy was in Iraq for SEVEN months, rather than the six Anonymous indicates.

More important is the question regarding the valor of Captain Murphy in Iraq, and Bosnia before that.  The commentor claims Murphy is not much of a hero, doing nothing but working detention camps paying off the families of dead Iraqis.  That may be mostly true, but he did prosecute at least one baddie: Sheik Moyad, a lieutenant of Muqtada al-Sadr.  Kerry, he notes, actually saw real action on a very dagerous Swift boat.

Now, I don’t in any way belittle Kerry’s Vietnam service, only his conduct afterwards.  Similarly, I would need to have all sorts of evidence to belittle the service of an airborn assault qualified Captain who earned a Bronze Star.  It may be true– I don’t know– that Murphy did nothing but some viscious lawyering.  But given the nature of wars in the 21st century I would suggest viscious lawyering is not without value.

Again, I have little opinion on the merits of these two men to serve their district in the US House.  It does interest me that Fitzpatrick is more likely to run if Rudy Giuliani in on the ticket.  I wonder if there are many other GOP candidates in PA who feel the same way.

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