PA Early Primary Left for Dead?

Josh at PA Ave. thinks so.  He goes on to speculate about whether or not a later PA primary may end up making ours MORE influential in case there is no clear winner by Valentine’s Day.  I think chances are better it moves up, even if those chances are poor.

What happened, to bring you up to speed, is things stalled in the Senate.  The House passed the measure, the Senate declined to bring it up for a vote, then the legislature recessed for the rest of the summer.  Please e-mail me how many other jobs that pay $80k a year– plus generous per diems– also have such generous vacation policies.

Conventional wisdom is that the Senate will be able to claim in the fall it is too late for them to move the primary forward.  There won’t be enough warning, they’ll say, for candidates to prepare to get their primary signature drives together.

We’ll see come mid-September.  In the meantime, here’s a list of state senators who can be fairly accused of not feeling very strongly about the right of Pennsylvanians to have a say in electing the future president of the United States.  Put another way, here’s a list of legislators who think their job is to represent the PA GOP and the elections bureaucracy, not their constituents.  These are the men in the GOP majority that run the relevant committee in the Senate:

Jeffry Piccola, Chairman: Western PA lawyer, 33rd degree Mason.  PA State Legislator pretty much is entire professional career.

“Citizen” Mike Folmer, Vice Chairman: He seems right on so much else– as evidenced by the post here— so one can only hope if he has the opportunity to make this right, he will forthrightly do so.

Joe Scarnati, Senate President Pro-Tempore: From legislative freshman to President Pro-Tempore in less than two terms.  How does one do that?  Not by putting voters first, I bet.  But who knows?

I’m going to e-mail Folmer to ask what we can do.  I suspect he is capable of listening to reason.  He also happens to represent a region next to where I actually live.

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