Citizen Mike, Me, and 289

Spoke to Sen. Mike Folmer late yesterday.  I was swapping e-mails with one of his staff members about the bill to move forward our primary until that staff member appeared to tire of me, saying the Senator would give me a call.  I assumed that was a brush-off, and told her I would follow back up next week if I didn’t hear anything.

I’ll be darned, though, if he didn’t give me a call at the end of the day.

We discussed at some length bill 289.  He was pretty passionate about thinking it was a bad idea, mostly because he feared it would, for one election cycle at least, make the primary process easier for incumbents.  He also was reflexively reluctant to support something that Bob Asher supported.

[Did you hear that, Team Rudy?  I’m just asking you to be sensitive to all sides of GOP politics in PA, and wonder if y’all underestimate the animosity the real voters feel for their self-appointed leaders in the GOP.]

At the conclusion of our conversation, though, he did allow that I had brought up some points he would need to consider further, admitting I may have moved him on the matter.  Which, by the way, is all I ever could have hoped for.  We will meet again soon, before the Senate reconvenes.

I am a little guilty I did not reveal myself as an advocate for Mayor Giuliani.  Sen. Folmer is not particularly enthused by any of the major GOP presidential candidates.  I kept mum on my allegiances as I felt my feelings on 289 would carry more weight in a politically neutral context.  When I sit down with the man, though, I will have to come clean.

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