Giuliani Dirt Having Effect Amongst Dems?

I thought it was more interesting that the Quinnipiac poll I posted about yesterday indicated an endorsement from a gay rights group or abortion rights group appears to hurt more than help a presidential candidate.  So I missed the fact that the recent scurrilous Giuliani mudslinging– his wife is an alleged gold-digger, and he cared more about a bank’s gold than firefighters at Ground Zero– has had an effect on his numbers with Democrats.

While these charges range from the irrelevant to the insane, it does appear they have significantly driven up his unfavorability ratings, at least amongst democrats.  See Josh’s analysis in the Morning Call here.

One would assume those voters swayed by these sort of sensational and vapid attacks are pretty easily swayed.  Their analytical thinking skills are obviously compromised.  So one would also assume once they get a dose of the real Giuliani they will change their minds again.  So this analyst doesn’t see a problem.

As I said yesterday, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the bigger problem will be with labor unions…


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