Patrick Murphy to Endorse Obama

Giuliani leads all candidates in securing endorsements from PA’s sitting congresscritters.  I have always assumed this is because GOP legislators facing tough races want to align themselves with a presidential candidate who polls well.  In fact, the attraction of Giuliani may be that of all the presidential candidates he has the most cross-party appeal, especially amongst independents.

I have always said, though, in this Commonwealth Obama presents the strongest competition.  Clinton still polls the best, but my gut tells me Obama has the potential to absolutely gut Giuliani’s moderate GOP support in the suburban Philadelphia counties, and these counties are to PA what PA, OH, and FL are to national elections.

Congressman Patrick Murphy has, I think, just indicated he agrees.  He represents Buck County in Congress.  He is also the only Iraq War vet in that august body, and is viewed as a rising star in the Democrat party.  He has also come out in support of Obama, saying the freshman senator from Illinois best represents Murphy’s own feelings on Iraq.

It is news to me Murphy believes the surge– which currently appears to be working– was always a bad idea.  It is also news to me that he thinks troop deployments should have little to do with what General Petraus has to say on the efficacy of the surge.  Finally, it is news to me that turning Iraq into a genocidal crapstorm worse than Vietnam in the mid-seventies seems like a good idea to him.  These are the positions of the political waif Obama, and apparently the positions of Congressman Murphy.

On one thing, though, Murphy and I agree.  In the Commonwealth of PA Obama is a force.


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