Pure Distilled Quinnipiac PA Goodness

Given my remarks below, I can’t really explain why Clinton is opening up an even bigger lead in PA over Obama in this PA Quinnipiac poll.  Of course, I can’t really explain why we should care about PA primary rankings either, given the fact that the nominees will be working on their convention speeches by the time we vote.

On the GOP side, Giuliani of course is still well in the lead.  It appears Romney may have enjoyed a small bump, but it was actually at the expense of Fred Thompson.  In fact, as it stands now if Romney took ALL the voters away from Thompson AND McCain he would still be almost 10 points behind Giuliani.

In potential general election matchups, the story in PA is the story in all swing states.  Hizzoner is the only potential GOP candidate with a prayer of beating a democrat for the White House.


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