Team Giuliani Media Team Includes PA Firm

Pittsurgh media firm BrabenderCox  [warning: site auto-launches a sequence w/some sound] has been selected as one of the firms handling the Giuliani campaign’s media operations.  They must know what they’re doing because they have the hip run-on name!  [HT The WaPo’s Fix via Pennsyltucky]

With former clients along the political spectrum from Lincoln Chafee to Rick Santorum, there’s not much to read into this ideologically.  They will be teaming with Scott Howell and Company, and Chris Mattola and Associates, who apparently did not get the memo on naming conventions.

The partner handling the Giuliani account at Scott Howell has extensive experience in South Caroloina, which is nice.  Our PA friends will likely be more involved– now– in crafting the IA and NH messages.

Scott Howell and Company, by the way, did this ad in the Corker / Ford TN race back in 2006.  I think that ad is pretty awesome.  Of course, I have always been a fan of red meat designed to increase turnout.  One would assume the Giuliani campaign is looking to find a more pursuasive tone…


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