September 2007 PA Keystone Poll Results

The new PA Keystone Poll came out Friday.  Link here, analysis from Josh at the Morning Call here.

The meta-points are not new:  Giuliani and Clinton lead their respective contests for the primary, and Giuliani is the strongest match against Clinton in the general election.

There is a bad trend– or perhaps a flaw in the poll– that shows Giuliani’s strength in PA eroding in PA general election matchups.  As his numbers in others polls against Hillary have been moving that direction, this is believable.  What is odd, though, is that Giuliani’s strength against the other potential Dem candidates has dipped in this poll.

This is either news, or it is an anomoly.  To soon to say which, but 20% of those polled were not even registered to vote.  This seems strange to me.

Finally, this poll seems to suggest that PA voters do not want to move up our primary.  Well, one wonders what a poll of actual primary voters would say, rather than a poll that includes a 20% sample of people that cannot even be bothered to register.


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