Fast Eddie and the Veepship

Rendell has been making the rounds lately insisting he does NOT want to be vice-president of the United States.

He says he generally wants to be the big mahoff calling the shots, and that ain’t the job description of Veep.  I find this believable.  I also find it disappointing for two reasons.

First, if he does run for Vice President casual voters in PA would finally see how destructive his policy instincts really are as he will have to articulate them to a press less willing to chuckle and write him a free pass because he likes the Eagles.  This means he may have less influence in the long term.  I would be the first to admit he seems likable.  In fact, I’ve met him.  He was likable.  And since I’m not a constituent of the party of the perenially indiganant eagery seeking offense, this gives me no cognitive dissonance.  But Ed’s politics are bad for PA.

Second, the presidential campaign would inevitably be more entertaining if Ed were in it.  He does have an interesting way of going “off script”.  I guarantee you that Ed Rendell on the presidential campaign trail would cheese off some thin-skinned element in the Democrat base.  The bipartisan in me wishes there were more reasonable Democrats, so forcing them to tell some part of their wing-nut fringe to grow the heck up would be good for our politics generally.

Hopefully, though, he won’t end up instead being Attorney General in a Clinton administration.  One sure way to do that is cast a vote for Hizzoner!


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