Election Day Tomorrow

Sorry about the radio silence last week.  Sometimes work and other responsibilities have a way of monopolizing my time.

There was some local news of note.  Most prominently the near-endorsement Giuliani received from Philadelphia morning talk bigwig and occasional national pundit Michael Smerconish.  Apparently Michael had the opportunity, under unpleasant circumstances, to get to know Giuliani a little, and found him to be a real mensch in addition to excellent leader.  This could bode well for Hizzoner’s performance in the Philadelphia suburbs.

You almost certainly will not hear from me tomorrow, either.  I will be manning the advocacy gauntlet outside my polling place for the GOP all day.  So if you’re in Phoenixville, stop by Barkley elementary school and learn why you should vote for Greg Hytha for Borough Council.  I may even have some treats to reward people who pick up my election literature and at least do me the solid of throwing it away somewhere else.


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