Rudy W/in Margin of Error Against Clinton in PA

So’s McCain, as a matter of fact.  I gotta’ give it to John.  Over the summer when it appeared his campaign ran out of money due to anemic fundraising and mismanagement, I was among the many that wrote him off for dead.  Those were the heady days of conservative revolt over immigration reform, too.

In a recent Quinnipiac poll [HT Keystone Politics] both he and Giuliani now trail Clinton by only two points in a hypothetical general election match-up.  Maybe Hillary’s weaselly non-answer re. driver’s licenses for illegals at that debate had some effect on her numbers.  Actually, I thought her pusillanimous yet haughty response at being “bullied” by the big, mean Tim Russert was more embarrassing.

If she thought that was tough, it’s no wonder she’s never accepted an invitation from Limbaugh or Hewitt.

Also, both Ms. Clinton and Rudy are way out ahead in potential primary polling in this one, like always.  No time to read the internals today, so if you can, and find something interesting, please let me know.

PS: There’s a new PA blogger in the blogroll:  Thousand Points of Right.  He’s a retired NYC firefighter and current PA resident who supports the mayor.  At least he says he is.  The internet’s a wild, woolly place!

If you want an antidote to the conspiratorial venom attacking Giuliani from the current firefighter’s labor union, he’s your man.


5 responses to “Rudy W/in Margin of Error Against Clinton in PA

  1. I really don’t understand Giuliani’s supposed widespread support, I mean he has not one but two ex-wives that hate him, nobody respects his new twenty-something wife (ex-wife #3 wating to happen), his own kids will probably be in commercials bashing him, I mean this guy makes Bill Clinton look like a saint. It’s only a matter of time before the dems zero in on him and show the world the real Giuliani.

  2. Both Giuliani and McCain (and Thompson, and Romney, etc) need to keep pushing on Shrillary’s inability to take a position and stand by it for more than 5 minutes!

    Then again,..every time she has a debate, she helps the Republicans’ cause!

  3. karlub - PA for Hizzoner


    Your analysis is riddled with errors. First, his current wife is not in her 20s. She’s 53.

    His own children are unlikely to be in ads “bashing” him, and despite sundry innappropriate and uncharitable speculation, they appear to be responsible people with minds of their own. Perhaps you prefer brainwashed progeny?

    As for Clinton comparisons, I could point out that at least Giuliani gets married to the women he has relationships with.

    The Dems are welcome to zero in on Giuliani. Actually, they already have. Their problem, though, is his executive record is pretty impressive. That is something none of the Dem frontrunners are able to claim.

  4. gets married to the people he has relationships with? lol… because you married 2 of your mistresses doesn’t mean he’s married all of them…lol..and talk about a flip-flopper, he’s flipped on abortion, immigration, and gay rights, ..he’s a democrat in republican clothing and the GOP knows this and wants him anyways because they know they need a moderate to win. Not to mention the fact that the Kerik thing is blowing up in his face,… the first of many things that will blow up in his face. Hilary barely acknowledges him while she’s all he can talk about. LoL

  5. More errors, Ed.

    First, he is pretty much the ONLY GOP candidate any of the democrat frontrunners mention.

    Also, he has not flip-flopped on abortion, gay rights, and immigration. He’s always been personally opposed to abortion and interested in finding ways to minimize it while acknowleding his belief that the subject is not really a matter for government action by judicial fiat. He also has always supported civil unions, then and now.

    As for immigration, he wanted illegals to be comfortable reporting crime in NYC. So he didn’t want them to fear deportation. Now his position is pretty similar, but he advocates securing our borders and issuing a national ID card to eliminate continued illegal entry, after which we can assimilate the ones already here and send home the ones with which we have a problem.

    You may not *like* his positions. That’s fine. But he is not the flip-flopper in this race.

    Finally, if a democrat were able to:
    1. Dramatically reduce crime in a hostile media environment.
    2. Defend traditional values in the public sphere
    3. Embarass Arafat
    4. Engage in admirable public leadership in the face of crisis
    5. Help break the mob and insider trader cabals
    6: Effect fiscal policy that led to private sector growth and balanced government budgets in a city previously deemed ungovernable,

    then I would vote for that Democrat every single time.

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