More Asher and Rudy Talk

While I was off at a professional conference I missed this ABC story— brought to my attention by Josh at The Morning Call– suggesting that Team Giuliani is trying to square a tricky circle with Bob Asher.

Some people– ahem– suggested months ago that aligning with Asher may be politically necessary, but perhaps less than ideal.  For those who’s memories need refreshing, Asher did time in the big house for his participation in the corruption scandal that make public suicide an attractive option to Bud Dwyer.

Since then, Asher has somewhat rehabilitated his image.  He is still a major PA rainmaker, participating intimately in the Kean, Ridge, Specter, and Bush II organizations.  For a time, it appeared he would have some sort of official role with the Giuliani campaign as well.

Well, it appears the campaign is trying to place some distance between Hizzoner and Asher, which is probably wise, even though it was probably wise for him to solicit Asher’s help in the first place.  One wonders, though.  Giuliani’s popularity has always been high in the Keystone State.  Given this, perhaps Asher’s help could have been less vigorously sought.

Of course, there always something to be said from addition by subtraction.  At least Asher wasn’t out raising money for someone elsewhile he was arranging fundraising events in the Philadelphia suburbs for Giuliani.


One response to “More Asher and Rudy Talk

  1. Hey PA4Rudy. I think it would be wise for Rudy to stay away from Asher and the GOP Establishment here in Pennsylvania. There has been a party split ever since Toomey vs. Specter. Conservatives whom back Toomey are not to kind to candidates who have backers in the establishment.

    Anyway most GOP establishment individuals like Asher are already backing Romney. This is well known in political circles. So it might be a good idea for Rudy to engage folks like Bob Guzzardi, an the folks at PA Club For Growth. Don’t forget about Chris Lilik and the YCOP. All can may be helpful if Rudy is the lower taxes, fight big government waste candidate. If that is the message then he social issues won’t matter as much.

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